Diamond District

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NYC Diamond District

Founded in 1941 by an elite association of diamond and jewelry industry leaders, NYC Diamond District is regarded as the premiere destination for all things diamond, gemstone and jewelry.  We are located in the very heart of midtown Manhattan, on the corner of 5th ave and 47th.  Through our extensive network - we have access to the largest selection of some of the finest, most coveted jewelry in the world.  As the authority and go-to resource for the highest quality stones and the finest precious metals, we have personally hand-picked a selection of the best that money can buy.   

Our history can be traced back to the very beginning.  In partnership with the city of New York, we obtained a location where the industry could thrive.  It is this prime location of 47th street that was considered an ideal place to do business.  It became the center of the jewelry industry as we know it today. With the high volume of transactions it allows 90 %of the US diamond supply to pass through the hands of our jewelers.  We are now considered by many - the world's leading center of jewelry commerce.  Here you will find the most exquisite jewelry and gemstones, with unsurpassed service.


 The jewelry of your dreams is just one click away.